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I work from my workshop in South East Kent, England and currently am only contactable by email.
Please allow 2-3 days for replies to enquiries due to my very busy schedule.

To view more of my work and keep up to date on progress of my builds, please follow me on Instagram &

I do not sell bodies, necks or any other of my parts separately. I get asked multiple times every week and the answer will always be no. So much time goes into these parts and that's what makes my guitars so special.  The only way to get them is by buying a guitar!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not apply Fender logos on my necks and do not offer EXACT Fender headstock shapes that infringe Fenders trademarks.

Stratocaster, Strat, Telecaster, Tele, and Jazzmaster are registered trademarks of Fender and I am not affiliated in any way.

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